Epoxy Paint Vs Epoxy Coating

Confusion is at an all time high for DIY homeowners looking to apply an epoxy garage floor paint. Should I be using an epoxy coating or an epoxy paint? What is the difference? Which one is the better choice? To put these questions to rest we’ll explain the difference between epoxy paint and epoxy coatings.

Epoxy Coating is not paint

When looking to update the surface of your garage floor your first step is to usually apply a latex acrylic type paint. Many manufacturers often place a small amount of epoxy in the paint mix and refer to it as 1-Part epoxy paint What this gives you is better adhesion and durability than using acrylics. But rest assure this is most certainly not an epoxy paint.

The term epoxy paint stems from epoxy manufacturers taking notice of the terminology people were using when searching for epoxy coatings. So corporate marketing teams made the decision to brand their products as epoxy paints. This made it easier for consumers to find their products both in stores and online.

However, this is causing mass confusion and a general misunderstanding for the public. In fact, if you are seeing a product advertised as epoxy paint for your garage floor it is most likely paint. This can add to greater confusion when purchasing a paint product when it is truly an epoxy product.

What is an epoxy coating and how does it work?

20160525_104941An epoxy coating is a two part product consisting of one part epoxy resin and one part polyamine hardener. Once this product is mixed you are on a race against time. Note that if your purchase a color epoxy you are actually tinting the resin. If no color is selected a resin will dry clear.

When using an epoxy coating keep in mind your completed surface is not just a gloss finish. Different than paint, epoxies provide a durable and resistant surface providing you with sustainable surface.

Application is breeze and you can gauge the thickness of the application based on the volume of the solids content. 50% solids mean that you have 50% of the product remaining on the floor.

Always research any epoxy coat system kits. Usually they will contain low solids and apply thin. This means you are cutting the lifespan of the surface down. Even if you are on a budget it will be worth the savings long term to go with a premium product.

In the future don’t cave into the name game when deciding on epoxy paint vs epoxy coating. As you can see, epoxy paint and epoxy coating are one in the same.  They are both an epoxy coating.  Do your research first, as this will help you to understand the type of epoxy you are purchasing and what kind of results to expect.