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Striving to Make the Highest Quality Epoxy Paint

Viking Paints Inc. is a respected manufacturer of architectural industrial protective coatings. Our line of proven products includes epoxy paint, latex, urethanes, HVLP, alkyd paint coatings and more. We strive to make the highest quality paint that technology will allow. Our in-house research department can create custom formulated paint products to your specifications. With over 50 years of experience in the industrial paint and coatings industry, we welcome new challenges.

Viking Paints Inc. specializes in TENACO® TWO COMPONENT HIGH BUILD EPOXY PRIMERS AND COLORS. The Tenaco product line is a two part paint system using epoxy and catalyst (1:1 ratio) It is used as a protective coating on metal. TENACO® EPOXY is a series of two-component coatings available in a variety of colors and primers, as well as clear.

TENACO® EPOXY offers superior durability, cleanliness, chemical resistance and temperature resistance. If you think the benefits of epoxy paint might be what your facility needs, contact Viking Paints, Inc. today!

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